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Empty Bottles and Pumps and a Holster

Holster with Bottle

This convenient holster is made from durable, washable sunbrella material.

The 45" long belt is generously sized to fit just about everyone.

Item Quantity
Holster and Bottle - Black - $9.95
Holster and Bottle - Blue - $9.95

Larger Image
Item Quantity
904 pump $6.25

904 Pump - 38 mm pump will fit gallons - half gallons and quarts. Pumps oils and lotions!

Item Quantity
Pump for Cremes $7.00

Lid and pump for wide mouthed gallon. Recommended for dispensing MC-10 Massage Creme or Tea Tree Foot Creme.

Pumps for 5 gallon pails or cubes


904-A is an affordable pump for pails that will pump most lotions. 1 ounce per stroke.

Item Quantity
904-A Pump $6.75

Item Quantity
MT-4 - 4 oz. Bottle $2.00
MT-4J - 4 oz Jar $1.50

4 ounce bottle or jar

The bottle is clear PET with a turret top.

The jar is white PP with a top.

Item Quantity
8 oz clear bottle with dispensing cap $2.25
8 oz clear bottle with pump $2.50
8 oz white bottle with dispensing cap $2.25
8 oz white bottle with pump $2.50

8 ounce bottles

An 8 ounce, white, HPDE bottle with a pump or a dispensing cap.

An 8 oz clear PET bottle with a pump or dispensing cap.

Perfect for shampoos and body washes!

Item Quantity
White 16 oz Bottle $2.50
Clear 16 oz Bottle $2.50
16 oz White Jar w/ lid $2.50
16 oz Jar with Pump $4.25

16 ounce bottle or jar

A clear PET or white HDPE bottle with a dispensing cap,

A white HDPE jar with lid or with a pump.

Item Item
White 8 oz jar $2.00

8 ounce jar

White 8 oz HDPE jar

Item Quantity
Trigger Sprayer with Bottle $3.50

Trigger Sprayer with 22 ounce graduated bottle
Item Quantity
Disposable Spatula each $.35
Disposable Sptula per Doz $3.36

Disposable 9" birchwood spatula for cremes and lotions.