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Safe, biodegradable cleaners made from natural, renewable indredients.

Item Quantity
EcoSafe wash - 1 gallon $15.60
EcoSafe wash- 1/2 galon $9.50
EcoSafe wash - 5 gallon pail $74.75

EcoSafe Diswashing Detergent

What does dish washing have to do with massage? Nothing. But we make a great, biodegradable, naturally sourced hand dish wash that is also very economical. And even massage therapists have to wash the dishes. Made from plant based detergents and scented with grapefruit and lemon oils.

Call us for bulk pricing

VC-2 Table Cleaner and Protectant

Clean and protect you investment in your table with our cleaner and conditioner for vinyl, naugahyde and leather. It cleans and conditions extending the life of your table. Non silicone.

Item Quantity
VC-2 Table Cleaner 1 gallon $10.45
VC-2 Table Cleaner- 1/2 gallon $6.85
VC-2 Table Cleaner Quart $3.95
22 oz Bottle with Trigger Sprayer $3.50

Item Quantity
KP-1 Cleaner 1 gallon $9.95
KP-1 Cleaner 1/2 gallon $5.95
KP-1 Cleaner Quart $3.95

KP-1 Hard Surface and Table Cleaner

Safe, economical and non-toxic, this concentrated cleaner quickly removes dirt, sweat, oils, lotions, fingerprints and many other soils from tables, chairs, walls or any other hard surface. Best of all, it is super concentrated and can be diluted for use as low as 4 ounces per gallon. Sweet pine scent.