Snow Leopard Lotion, SunLeopard Gel, Liquid Leopard Spray and Arnica & Ice for rapid relief

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These combine a unique blend of natural Western and Oriental herbal oils and extracts to provide deep healing.These are perfect for topical pain relief, massage therapy, strained muscles from exercise or training and overall soreness.

Use Snow Leopard Lotion, SunLeopard Gel, Liquid Leopard Spray or Arnica & Ice for:

  • Arthritis
  • Sore knees, elbows, ankles
  • Back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Muscle aching from overuse
  • Overall pain relief

We dontate 10% of the sales of Snow Leopard, SunLeopard or Liquid Leopard to the
International Snow Leopard Trust.

Your purchase helps to save an endangered species through scientific research and support of local people.
Item Quantity
Arnica & Ice Lotion 8 oz bottle with pump $12.25
Arnica & Ice Lotion 16 ounce jar $18.95
Arnica & Ice Lotion 32 oz jar $29.50
Arnica & Ice Lotion 1/2 gallon bottle $48.80
Arnica & Ice Lotion 1 gallon bottle 92.75

Arnica & Ice Pain Relieving Lotion

Our newest addition to the family is the highly anticipated Arnica & Ice Lotion. Organic extracts of arnica, organic white willow and natural turmeric combine with the crisp & clean scent of peppermint from the healing crystals of menthol. Try our newest analgesic lotion for a super blast of cooling treatment.

Item Quantity
SL-1-1 - 1 gallon $53.75
SL-1-1/2 -1/2 gallon $35.50
SL-1-8 - 8 oz bottle w/ pump $9.95
SL-1-2oz 2 oz bottle $3.95

Snow Leopard Cool Healing Lotion

A sports massage lotion that goes on cool but then provides a deep healing warmth. A rich combination of natural herbs penetrate deep into muscles and joints providing soothing relief. . Formulated to heal the patient while it is gentle to the practitioner


Item Quantity
SunLeopard Gel 1 gallon $74.75
SunLeopard 1/2 Gal $40.50
SunLeopard 8 oz bottle $11.95
SunLeopard 2 oz bottle $3.95

SunLeopard Warming Gel for Deep Healing

A rich, warming gel with natural, expeller extracted oils of sunflower, apricot, sesame and jojoba. We have added herbal extracts from 4 continents for deep healing therapy. This water dispersible formula goes on smooth, without running, allowing perfect glide for massage or physical therapy.


Item Quantity
Liquid Leopard 1 gallon $84.50
Liquid Leopard 1/2 gallon $48.74
Liquid Leopard 1 quart $29.24
Liquid Leopard 16 oz spray $19.75
Liquid Leopard 8 oz spray $10.75
Liquid Leopard 4 oz spray $6.25

Liquid Leopard Analgesiac Spray

A soothing,healing spray formulated to penetrate deep into muscles, joints and sinews. A rich combination of Menthol, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, Camphor and Rosemary quickly and naturally soothe pain and soreness in a convenient spray. Extra Strength!


Item Quantity
Ice Plus 1oz $12.00
Ice Plus 2 oz $19.85
Ice Plus 4oz $29.90
Ice Plus 8 oz $47.50

Ice Plus with CBD - 200mg/oz CBD

This extra strength lotion contains all the natural, pain relieving botanicals of our popular Arnica and Ice lotion enriched with the healing properties of CBD and palmitoylethanolamide. CBD and PEA are known for reducing inflammation and providing pain relief. Rub it in and let the cool heat soothe aches and pains in muscles and joints. THC free, non-psychoactive.