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Natural Massage Cremes - For those who prefer a thicker, heavier feel. Our massage cremes contain natural oils, purified water, vegetable based emulsifiers and botanically based skin moisturizers and conditioners.

All cremes are unscented.

Check out our creamy massage butters

Massage Butters

Item Quantity
Silk Mango Creme 1 gal $43.50
Silk Mango Creme 1/2 gal $26.34
Silk Mango Creme 8 oz bottle w/ pump $9.25
Silk Mango Creme 5 gallon pail $207.50

Silk Mango Massage Creme Lotion

Paraben free! Preservative free!

A silky smooth massage creme that leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. Rich in moisturizers and therapeutic natural extracts to speed the healing process and moisturize the skin. Non-staining. No animal testing (like all our products). No parabens. The perfect, natural choice for massage.


Gallons or half gallons use #904 pump. Click here to order.

Satin Massage Creme with Certified Organic Ingredients

When Simple is Best

A rich, thick, satiny massage creme that provides a smooth, non-staining glide. Simple and hypo-allergenic, Satin Massage Creme is perfect for clients with more sensitive skin or therapists who are experiencing troubles with their hands. Non staining. No parabens.


This creme cannot be pumped. We suggest using our wood spatula to get it out of the jar. Scroll down to order.

Item Quantity
Satin Massage Creme 1 gal $44.55
Satin Massage Creme 1/2 gal. $29.90
Satin Massage Creme 32 oz $16.25
Satin Creme - 16 ounce jar $10.45
Satin Creme - 5 gallon pail $197.50

Item Quantity
MCL 1 gallon reg $44.75 now $38.00
MCL - 1/2 gal reg $26.25 now $22.30
MCL - 8 oz bottle w/ pump reg $9.95 now $8.45
MCL - 5 gallon pail reg $202.50 now $172.15

MCL Ultra-Glide Creme Lotion


This satiny massage lotion melts onto the skin to provide a non-oily glide with enough grip to work the deeper muscles. It is formulated to minimize the chance of staining linens or cloths. A rich complex of natural botanical extracts condition and moisturize the skin during massge. A favorite with professional therapists.


Gallons or half gallons use #904 pump. Click here to order.

Item Quantity
MC-10 - 1 gallon $38.90
MC-10 - 1/2 gallon $24.75
MC-10 - 16 oz jar w/ pump $10.55
MC-10 - 5 gallon pail $173.75

MC-10 Original Formula
Massage Creme

This thick, luxurious massage creme provides a extra smooth glide and lubrication. It goes on with a unique, satiny feel - never oily or greasy - and then progresses to a powdery, almost dry feel. Extracts of chamomile, arnica and aloe and vitamin E have been included to keep the skin soft and supple.


Order a pump to dispense the MC-10 or Tea Tree Foot Creme (not recommended for MC-5 or Satin Creme)
Item Quantity
MC-5 - 1 gal. $42.85
MC-5 - 1/2 gal. $28.50
MC-5 - 16 oz jar no pump $12.75
MC-5 - 5 gallon pail $188.75

MC-5 Extra Rich Massage Creme

This thick and rich multi-purpose massage creme provides extra long glide for a frictionless massage. It contains green tea extract and vitamin E to keep the skin young and supple and grapeseed and jojoba oils to enrich and nourish. Never oily or greasy, this non-staining massage creme provides a silky feel.


This creme cannot be pumped. We suggest using our wood spatula to get it out of the jar. Scroll down to order.

Item Quantity
Foot Creme - 1 gallon (128 oz) jar $44.75
Foot Creme - 1/2 gallon jar $27.00
Foot Creme - 16 oz jar $10.75
Foot Creme - 8 oz jar $7.30

FC-3 Tea Tree Foot Creme

A thick creme with superior glide that uses the anti-microbial properties of tea tree oil to sanitize the foot. Fragranced with natural eucalyptus and peppermint oils for a refreshing aroma. A perfect product for both the therapist and client. This is the sole thing you need for happy feet.

Also great for massage!


Item Quantity
Disposable Spatula each $.35
Disposable Spatula per doz $3.36

Disposable 9" birchwood spatula for cremes and lotions.