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Eliminate oil stains in your linens! Formulated for professional use, these naturally based cleaners are phosphate free, completely biodegradable and super concentrated. Our laundry products function naturally and biologically.

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Use only 2 ounces per load!
64 washes per gallon!

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  • LD-Z Bioenzymatic Detergent - A natural detergent formulated to remove oils from linens. $16.75/gallon
  • LD-HE Bioenzymatic Detergent - Removes oils from linens in front loading machines! $17.50/gallon
  • PT-Z Bioenzymatic Pretreatment - Spray on oily linens or use in the pre-soak cycle. $14.70/gallon
  • LDZPro Professional Package - 1 gallon LD-Z, 1 gallon PT-Z, a trigger spayer and measuring cup. $28.25
  • SoftPack Detergen Special - 1 gallon LD-Z, 1/2 gallon PT-Z and 1/2 gallon Fluff Fabric Softener $28.00
  • LDHEPro Front Loading Package 1 gallon LD-HE, 1 gallon PT-Z, sprayer and measuring cup $29.65
  • Fluff Fabric Softner - Natural vegetable based softener with sweet orange oil. $9.50/gallon
  • A word about oils stains

    We have discovered a few things in our research on removal of stubborn oils
    from fabrics:

    • The sooner you remove it, the more likely it will come out; if you cannot
      wash it today, spray it with our pre-treatment.
    • Oils love polyester. Try to use 100% cotton fabrics.
    • There are no magic bullets that will miraculously clean oil from fabrics; use lotion, cremes or water dispersible oils, use a pre-treatment, such as PT-Z, and use a laundry detergent formulated to clean oils.

    LD-Z Bio-Enzymatic Natural Laundry Detergent

    We use natural detergents and enzymes to get your laundry clean. This enviromentally friendly and completely and rapidly biodegradable laundry detergent will completely clean oils and other soils out your laundry. Massage therapists love the way it gets the oils out of their sheets. This is an "ultra-concentrate" so we recommend only 2 ounces per load. That's less than $.27 per load.
    Natural- Biodegradable - Unscented - No Dyes

    Item Quantity
    LD-Z Laundry Cleaner - 1 gallon $19.95
    LD-Z Laundry Cleaner - 1/2 gallon $11.00
    LD-Z Laundry Cleaner - 5 gal cube $95.00
    LD-Z Laundry Cleaner - 30 gal drum $478.50
    Call for shipping

    LD-HE Bio-Enzymatic Natural Laundry Detergent for Front Loading Machines

    A high effeciency, bioenzymatic laundry detergent formulated for front loading machines. This ultra-concentrated detergent really gets your laundry clean. Rub it into the fabric and it can remove old oil and grease stains. And it still costs only $.28 per load!
    Natural- Biodegradable - Unscented - No Dyes

    Item Quantity
    LD-HE Laundry Cleaner - 1 gallon $20.75
    LD-HE Laundry Cleaner - 1/2 gallon $11.75
    LD-HE Laundry Cleaner - 5 gal cube $99.00

    PT-Z Bio-Enzymatic Natural Laundry
    Pre-Wash Treatment

    Our natural laundry pre-wash uses an extra heavy concentration of our bio-enzyme mixture. It can be used in the pre-wash cycle of washing machines or to spray on tough spots. Massage therapists can spray it on their sheets when they're done with the massage to start cleaning immediately.
    Natural- Biodegradable - Unscented - No Dyes

    Item Quantity
    PT-Z Pre-Wash - 1 gallon $15.65
    PT-Z Pre-Wash - 1/2 gallon $8.95
    PT-Z Pre-Wash - 5 gallon cube $72.75

    Item Quantity
    PT-HE Pre-Wash - 1 gallon $16.35
    PT-HE Pre-Wash - 1/2 gallon $9.45
    PT-HE Pre-Wash - 5 gal cube $75.95

    PT-HE Bio-Enzymatic Natural Laundry
    Pre-Wash Treatment
    for Front Loading Machines

    A high efficiency pre-treatment to speed the removal of oils and soils from fabrics. Spray it into stains or use it in a pre-soak. Formulated to get the best cleaning out of front loading machines.
    Natural- Biodegradable - Unscented - No Dyes

    Item Quantity

    Fluff Natural Fabric Softener
    1 gallon - $12.50

    Fluff Natural Fabric Softener
    1/2 gallon - $7.20
    Fluff Natural Fabric Softener
    5 gallon cubetainer - $59.75

    Fluff Fabric Softener

    This rinse cycle fabric softener uses natural, vegetable based ingredients to leave your laundry soft and fluffy. The natural sweet orange oil scent freshens every load. Even better, you need only 1 ounce per load making it the frugal, environmentally sound choice. No dyes. Not animal tested. Natural - Biodegradable

    LDZPro Professional Discounted Laundry Package

    Maximize you cleaning power! This package includes 1 gallon of our LD-Z Bio-Enzymatic Natural Laundry Detergent, 1 gallon PT-Z Natural Laundry Pre-Wash, a measuring cup to make sure you don't use too much and a trigger sprayer and bottle so you can spray on the pre-treatment.
    Save over $4.50

    Item Quantity
    LDZPro Professional Package $29.95

    Item Quantity
    LDHEPro Professional Package $32.50

    LDHEPro High Efficiency Professional Discounted Laundry Package for Front Loading Machines

    A professional package for front loading machines. This package includes 1 gallon LD-HE Natural Laundry Detergent, 1 gallon PT-HE Natural Laundry Pre-Treatment a measuring cup and a trigger sprayers. Save over $4.50

    SoftPack Detergent Special

    A complete laundry package - 1 gallon of our extra strength LD-Z Bioenzymatic Detergent, 1/2 gallon of our stain lifting PT-Z Bioenzymatic Pre-Treatment and 1/2 gallon of our sweet scented Fluff Fabric Softener all for only $28.00

    Or for front loading machines get 1 gallon LD-HE, 1/2 gallon PT-HE and 1/2 Fluff for only $29.00

    Item Quantity
    SoftPack - $29.70
    SoftPackHE - $30.75